Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

[PIC] 130521 Kyujong & Hyungjun Twitter Update

 [ENG TRANS]: Daebak!! HyungJun treated us at JungMin's shop!! This is..surprising.. how long was it that HyungJun last treated us.. ㅠ heeheeheehee must call the hyungs out next time too ♥ Jjuni jjang heehee
 [ENG TRANS]:  Love ya!! Yoohoo~ my dearest boys~~♥
[ENG TRANS]: Image of 501 just before reunite. Coming soon~! Prepare for it~! Cross~!!
Credits: Kyujong&Hyungjun's Twitter; translated by xiaochu@twitter; reup&shared by RTSS501
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