Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

[PIC] 130501 SS501 Twitter Update

[ENG TRANS]: It's 1 May ♥ I am 501 and today is 501day ♥ Pretties hi bye! ♥ our 501 boys hi bye too!
501 ♥

[ENG TRANS]: Pretties~~~ really really really thank you!! Let's have good intentions when we wake up every morning and care for each other~~~♥ Really miss you..!! Hi bye!!~ in celebration of 501day today and bye~♥

[ENG TRANS]: Wah~~^^ So today is 501 day~~^^ thanks for the well wishes~^^ to commemorate this, I'll throw in a face foam shower photo too! I will strive harder in the future~ please take care of me in the future too~~^^ everyone is healthy right???

[ENG TRANS]: hahahahahahaha~~ hahahahahahahaha!! Why the photo wasn't attached~?? Sorry sorry~!!! Please have an energetic day everyone~~~^^ ajajaja~!!!

[ENG TRANS]: Well! Today is labour day in Korea~^^ Even though there are also people who changed this for substitute work day~ Those who are not working! Enjoy your holiday, and going back to your work positions tomorrow, hope everyone strive on! For now, be like these 2 puppies, don't think about anything~ have a good rest!!

[ENG TRANS]: 501 hurray! Just wait everyone~~~let's build up strength! Until then hwaiting!

Credits: 2kjdream, JungMin0403, & HyungJun87@twitter; translated by xiaochu1004@twitter; reup&shared by RTSS501
Please take out with full credits!

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